We provide a variety of different restorative options in South Hadley, Massachusetts depending on your oral health needs and preferences. As part of your customized treatment plan, our dentists will talk through their findings and recommendations, share images of your teeth, and review the different treatment choices available to you personally. Together, we’ll find the combination of restorations that best fits your situation.

Minimally-Invasive White Fillings- Composite dental fillings are mercury-free and bond closely with your tooth enamel. Since they match the shade of your natural smile, we can restore any tooth without detracting from your appearance.

Custom Dental Crowns- Badly worn or fractured teeth need a stronger level of protection. A full-coverage crown (“cap”) allows your tooth to continue functioning normally so that you don’t have to change the way you eat.

Bridges for Missing Teeth- A bridge looks like 2-3 crowns connected side by side. We use them to fill in space left by a missing or extracted tooth.

Full and Partial Dentures- Dentures are a fast and affordable way to replace all of your missing teeth at one time.

Root Canal Therapy- Large cavities or cracks that extend into the nerve of your tooth can cause a painful abscess. Endodontic treatment preserves your tooth so that you can avoid an extraction or future toothache.

Dental Implants- An implant functions and feels like a natural tooth. Our South Hadley implant dentist offers single tooth and full mouth reconstruction options, depending on how many teeth need to be restored. Thanks to our innovative CT technology, your treatment is planned in 3D ahead of the procedure.